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Mladen Piasetskyi

I was born in Kiev, in Ukraine. I was lucky to do part of my high school education in Belgium. This allowed me to learn Dutch and create a different view of the world. I then returned to Ukraine, where I studied medicine in Kharkiv for one year. 

I did the rest of my training at the VUB in Brussels. As a general practitioner in training (HAIO), I worked in a cosy practice in Merchtem. That way, I was also able to see the differences in training and healthcare between Western and Eastern Europe.

After completing my training, I worked on several projects, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I worked in a COVID-19 testing and triage centre, vaccination centre and worked on a COVID-19 vaccine study.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, I have helped establish and support the Brussels Orientation Centre (BOC), for displaced people from Ukraine.

In early 2023, I met colleague Marion Dietrich and immediately became enthusiastic about building a new practice together.

In my daily practice, I like to see everyone: from young to old and pay special attention to the prevention and follow-up of chronic diseases.

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