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Eva De Vleminck

I am mum of two young adult sons and live in Brussels with my newly composed family.

After studying clinical psychology at VUB, I first worked for a few years as an educator with adults with mental disabilities.
Since 1998, I have been working as a psychologist in a Centre for Mental Health Care, first in Lokeren and since 2006 in CGG Houba in Laken.
Here I still work 4 days a week.
In the CGG I see people with various psychological and psychiatric problems.
From CGG Houba I also work as a first-line psychologist in the GP practice Patio in Jette. 
There I got to know Marion and a fine cooperation with the GPs developed.

My therapeutic background is that of system or family therapy.

Over the years, I complemented this valuable knowledge with insights from narrative therapy and took training in alcohol counselling.
Last year, I took an exciting basic training in schema therapy.

I particularly focus on people's strengths, even in the most difficult situations.
As a systemic therapist, I am also interested in the influence our family and life history has on our development as a person. 

Understanding what is going on can help us get a better grip on our lives, so we can learn to break free from certain recurring patterns and live a freer and more fulfilling life.

Both my years of experience as a therapist and my own life experience make me the therapist I am today.
I am empathetic and sincere and have great respect for everyone's individuality, origins and values.

Starting at the Praxis practice feels like coming home. I come from Wemmel and cherish fine childhood memories here.
I therefore welcome you gladly, in a warm and confidential atmosphere that invites you to reflect on yourself and come to your senses.

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